Segmental Analysis

In-depth analysis of the business model

Analysis of business models of corporations in the Banking sector

Figure 1

The special structure of the Business analysis allows users to understand the profit and cost from each business area, contributing to the overall profit of corporations.

It helps investors see clearly which business areas and assets contribute to the overall business of corporations according to each specific sector.

It consists of 3 main parts: income structure table, growth timeline chart, and peers comparison.

The income structure table includes:



l Earning assets

l Interest bearing liabilities

l Interest income

l Interest expense

l Profit from commercial banking activities (Net interest income, Non-net interest income)

l Profit from other activities (Bond underwriting, Brokerage services, Agency services)

The growth timeline chart includes:

l Diagram of total operating income

l %YoY

The peers comparison chart includes:

l Total operating income of each bank

l %YoY

The business models of other sectors are currently in development. Please click on the Submit feedback button if you want to build a business model like the above.

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