Ownership structure and insider trading data

Statistics on the ownership structure of the company, including the number of shares and ownership percentage of major shareholders and the Board of Directors

Statistics on insider trading; Charter capital and contributed capital of subsidiary companies, associate.

Users can view information by Major Shareholders, Management and Directors, Subsidiaries, Associate, and Internal Transactions:

For Major Shareholders:

  • There is a shareholder structure table showing the percentage of ownership of each shareholder

  • The last transaction table on the right provides information about shareholders, number of shares, ownership percentage, update date, trading volume, expected value, and trading date.

For Management and Directors:

  • Similar to Major Shareholders, but there are only statistics on the transactions of the Board of Directors.

For Board of Directors Transactions:

  • A chart of the ticker with notes on where the Board of Directors conducted transactions.

For Subsidiaries:

  • A table that provides statistical information about the subsidiary, including: subsidiaries, ticker ,status, charter capital, capital contribution, and % ownership.

For Associate:

  • A table that provides statistical information about the subsidiaries, including: subsidiaries & associates, ticker, status, charter capital, capital contribution, and % ownership

For Internal Transactions:

  • The Internal Transactions table provides users with information about transactions by the Board of Directors and related parties of the same organization.

  • The net value breakdown of VNINDEX table shows the volume of buying and selling and line of net value.

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