Valuation and comparison of companies

Providing indicators on Valuation, Profitability, Credit, Performance, Ownership... to compare corporations in the same sector.

Each comparing indicator will have its own set of metrics, making it easy for users to analyze and evaluate the capabilities of companies within the sector.

The default list of Peer & comparison will include stocks in the same sector. However, users can customize it by adding (click on Add Ticker) or removing stocks.

When clicking on Add Ticker, the interface appears as follows:

In addition to the stocks that can be searched by typing in relevant keywords, users can select My Watchlist to view the lists created and add to the comparison.

The groups of indicators used for comparison include:

  • Valuation

  • Profitability

  • Credit

  • Performance

  • Ownership

  • Balance Sheet

  • Income Statement

The Valuation chart shows the performance of each indicator of the selected stock for each year. The bar chart column for each year shows the minimum and maximum value of the company's indicator during that period.

The horizontal line represents the end-of-year value of the selected company's indicator, and for the current year, it is the current value of the company's indicator.

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