Features Map

Below is the diagram of key features that have been developed in FiinPro-X version 1.0

The Market section will help users get a comprehensive view of the market, the general trend of market groups, or outstanding securities in a period.

The Corporate section will help to analyze detailed information on companies’ market share, or business model. In addition, they can be compared with companies in the same sector or companies in the watchlist.

The Sector section provides sector-specific indicators, along with specialized business models such as Insurance, Banking, and Securities, which will reflect the characteristics of that Sector with key indicators such as NIM, CASA for the banking sector, or brokerage and proprietary trading activities for the securities sector.

The Tool section provides familiar tools such as Smart Screening, Data Explorer (Economy, Corporate, Trading data, Index & Sector), technical charts, and upcoming tools such as Scatter plot, Financial chart.

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