To log in to FiinPro-X, users need to follow the steps below:

For users who do not have a FiinPro-X account:

1. Users access the website https://fiinx.vn/ .

On the FiinPro-X login page, to create a new account, users click on Create a new account

2. FiinPro-X directs users to the new account registration page. The registration form requires users to provide information including: name, email address, password, phone number, country, corporation name, and position. Accordingly, the registered email address is the username for the FiinPro-X account.

3. After successfully registering an account, the system will automatically send a confirmation email to the user, with instructions on how to contact customer support and use the platform.

For users who have successfully registered a FiinPro-X account:

1. On the FiinPro-X login page, enter your username (email) and password.

2. Select the Language display: VI (Vietnamese)/ EN (English).

3. Click Login

Note: Users can tick the 'Remember me' option for the next login.

After successful login, FiinPro-X main dashboard will be displayed: Corporate Overview

Forgot FiinPro-X login password

  • In case user forgot login password, on the system login interface, user can click on Forgot password

FiinPro-X will respond and allow user to enter Email address to change password.

  • In case user wants to change password when on the platform, goes to the profile settings section.

Step 1: On the FiinPro-X main screen, at the top right corner of the screen, user can click on the user icon, then select Profile.

Step 2: FiinPro-X will display the Settings interface. User can then click on Change Password

Step 3: User enters Old Password, New Password, and confirms the New Password, then clicks 'Send'.

Regulations on the number of devices allowed for login

One account can only be logged in on the registered device. After registering and activating on the first login device, users will not be able to login on another device, except in cases of contacting the customer support department to remove the first device from the account.

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