Basic Methodology

The Financial Indicator Calculation Methodology of FiinPro-X is built based on the regulations of the Vietnamese Accounting Standards ("VAS") and regulations on information disclosure according to Circular 52 of the Ministry of Finance.

However, FiinPro-X's CFA and ACCA experts have researched and applied advanced international practices in calculating financial indicators to meet the demand of investors. These practices include CFA materials and InvestorPedia.Com.

The strengths of FiinGroup's index system include:

. Ratios are calculated based on the trailing principle, using data from the four most recent quarters or fiscal years. Therefore, the indices are timelier than those calculated by securities companies.

. Future events that will dilute earnings per share, such as convertible bonds, options, and convertible preferred shares, have been encoded and included in the calculation formula.

. Stock indices are calculated based on the average outstanding shares rather than the end-of-period outstanding shares. VAS also requires calculation based on this method, but companies only calculate it in the audited financial statements.

. The number of outstanding shares is automatically calculated in FiinPro-X's specialized database when there are changes in stock issuances or transactions. FiinPro-X regularly cross-references with HOSE and HNX to ensure accurate monitoring of changes in the number of outstanding shares.

. The set of ratios is fully calculated for over 2000 public companies in Vietnam, including 800 listed companies and 1200 public companies.

Stringent Quality control process:

. All FiinPro-X's indices are calculated based on a rich database platform, with standardized data input processes and daily cross-checks.

. In addition to internal control processes, FiinPro-X has also hired an independent auditor to review the calculation methodology and ensure the accuracy of the database.

Indicator Groups:

. General

. Valuation

. Profitability

. Management Efficiency

. Financial Strength

. Volume, Price and Price Change

. Sector Indicator

FiinPro-X continuously improves its database and methodology to better serve the demand for information of investors in the context of accounting systems, the specificity of business operations, and the current information disclosure system under Circular 52 of the Ministry of Finance.


FiinPro-X applies the Ticker system of companies listed on HOSE, HNX, and companies approved for listing by the Securities Committee.

For public companies that are not listed, tickers are assigned according to FiinPro-X's regulations. When these companies are listed, the tickers will be updated according to the stock exchange's announcement.

The FiinPro® Ticker System is updated one week before stocks are officially traded.

For public companies or newly listed companies that have not been traded, the price data will be zero. On the day of official trading, the price data for these companies will be automatically updated.

Company Name

The company name is the short name chosen by FiinPro-X, so that investors can quickly recognize the corporation.

Sector Name

Sector classification and sector names are implemented according to the Industry Classification Benchmarking ("ICB") standard developed and applied by Dow Jones and FTSE in classifying over 65,000 companies worldwide. FiinGroup's securities experts have applied and adjusted the ICB standard to be more suitable for Vietnam. Go to Sector classification to see the details.

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