Sector/Market Ratios

StoxPlus's sector classification is based on the Industry Classification Benchmarking ("ICB") standard developed and applied by Dow Jones and FTSE in classifying over 65,000 companies worldwide. StoxPlus's securities experts have applied and adjusted the ICB standard to be more suitable for Vietnam.

The sector indicator group also includes the company indicator group:

□ Valuation

□ Profitability

□ Financial Strength

□ Management Efficiency

□ Price Volatility

□ Sector Index

Sector indices, as well as indices for the overall market (VNindex and HNX Index), are calculated based on the market capitalization-weighted average of each stock.

The sector/market P/E ratio = the total market capitalization divided by the total profit of the companies in the sector/index for the last 4 quarters (or last year).

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