Providing corporate data

The Corporate Data Explorer feature allows users to design sample data and export it to an Excel file. It includes nearly 2000 basic indicators. Users can also use the sample data designed by FiinPro-X (Template section).


1. Click on the Data Explorer function, select Corporate

2. Select stocks using Ticker or Group stock (Sector, Exchange, Watchlist)

3. Select indicators to load data or choose one of the sample data templates provided by FiinPro-X in the Template section or templates created in the Personal section

4. Click the "Load data" button => The data will be displayed

Each group of indicators will have its own display settings and will be defined by the corresponding color range. Columns of the same color are considered a group of indicators with the same settings. Conversely, if a group of indicators has different color ranges, it will have 2 separate settings.

Users can edit the settings of each indicator or group of indicators by clicking on the 3-dot icon on the right of each indicator column. Options include: Setting, Remove only, Remove group.


- In the "Settings" option, users can set conditions for each indicator or group of indicators through the tick box "Synchronize configuration of selected indicators":

+ If ticked: The indicators in the "Selected items" section will have the same settings (Figure 3)

+ If not ticked: Change the configuration of the selected indicator (previously selected)

- Users can also arrange the position of indicator columns in 2 ways:

Option 1: Click on "Re-arrange table" above the data table, FiinPro-X responds with the "Sort indicator". The table allows users to move the position of indicators, or double-click on the sequence number to edit the desired sequence number. Then click "Apply"

Option 2: Hover over the column title, hold and drag the column to the desired position. Then release the mouse.

In addition, users can also explore multiple different data tables by clicking on the "+" button above the data table to open a new working environment.

- Export to Excel

Users can export the data they are viewing to an Excel document.

- Save template

To save the downloaded data to the Personal folder, select "Save", then enter the folder name and select "Save".

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