Add equation

Add Equation will allow users to calculate and customize the Financial formulas.

1. Select the Enterprise to calculate the target

User select Companies or Groups of Companies to calculate the indicator by typing in the Search box or selecting Img to select multiple Companies. Users can filter Companies from Exchanges, Sectors or Watchlists created by user.

The selected company will be displayed in area (1).

2. Select indicator

(1) Search indicator to be calculated

(2) Display area of selected indicators.

For each selected indicator, the system will calculate the Total value of that indicator based on the selected group of companies.

For example, the user selects the indicator of Special Mentioned, Substandard; the system will calculate the total Special Mentioned of all selected companies, and then calculate the total Substandard of all companies. Each indicator will be assigned the value A, B, C... equivalent to Total value of each separate indicator.

3. Formula building

After assigning the indicators A, B, C...., the default formula which is the sum of the variables A + B + C + D will be displayed in area (4). Depending on the needs of user, user can edit the default formula with calculations supported like + - * / or parentheses ().

For example (A+B+C)/D or A/B + C/D

After creating the formula, user checks if the display unit is VND, Times or % and clicks Apply.

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