Chart by time

Chart by time is the most commonly used chart format. This is also the default chart format applied when the user starts to draw the chart, the default display period is 5 years (5Y), the default display frequency is Daily

(1) Customize the period

Users can manually select the time period to display the chart. For example, selects From 10/02/2022, selects To 30/03/2023, the chart will display from 10/02/2022 to 30/03/2023

(2) Quickly select the period of the Chart.

User can choose to plot over time period: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, all past data, from the beginning of the month to the present time (MTD), from the beginning of the quarter to present time (QTD), from the beginning of the year to date (YTD).

(3) Select frequency of plotting data

Users can choose the frequency of data to plot on the chart, including: Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.

For example, user chooses to plot the adjusted closing price of a stock, the default frequency is Daily, the chart will display the price data of all trading days. When converting frequency to Monthly, the chart will be plotted using the transaction data taken on the last day of that month. This function is useful when users draw indicators with different frequencies.

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