Smart Screening

Screening companies based on trading data and in-depth financial indicators.

The Smart Screening feature allows users to screen and set up a list of stocks according to their own requirements. It includes nearly 1000 basic screening indicators, technical indicators, and financial reports. In addition, users can export screening results to an excel file.

Steps to perform:

1. Select the stocks by selecting Exchange, Sector, and Screener date.

2. Select the screening Indicator, including Key ratio and Financial statement.

3. Set screening conditions for indicators.

The new feature in the FiinPro-X system's Smart Screening is in the screening conditions for indicators. The 'Additional Criteria' section allows users to apply additional conditions beyond the screening value range and screening period.

+ Operators include '< , > , <= , >= , ='

+ Combined with the compared values: Maximum, Minimum, Average of the last interim, 3/5 recent continuous periods.

For example, users screen stocks of companies with ROE (TTM) Q4-2021 index, within the value range of 10-20%, and greater than the Max of the 3 continuous TTM periods before the screening period (Q4-2021).

The result is 165 stocks that meet the above conditions.

4. Click "Apply" => The screened results are displayed.

5. To display other information besides the screening indicators, users select "Add more infor”, the additional criteria screen appears, and then users can apply other indicators.


- Users can save the screening conditions by clicking "Save" to save the form and reuse it in the next session.

- Users can export the Screening results to an excel file by clicking "Export Excel"

- To create watchlists (see the Watchlist function above), users select "Create watchlist"

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