Penetration Analysis

Market share data

Compare the market share of companies in the same sector based on relevant business performance indicators, including revenue, range and target customers.

Each sector will have its own unique business model, leading to differences in market share analysis indicators between sectors. Specifically, for the Banking sector, FiinPro-X will analyze the market share of companies based on lending/deposit activities, lending by sector, etc.

Banking sector

Figure 1 2

For each type of corporation, the interface and index set appearance will be different. The system is currently classified into specialized sectors such as Banking, Securities Companies, Insurance, and other types of corporations.

Users can filter for Loan or Deposit to view relevant indicators.

For Loan, the charts will include:

l Loan to customers & non-performing loan

l Loan by sector: trading: users can select different sectors to compare

l Loan market share

l Market share by loan sector: trading

l Change in loan market share YTD (from the beginning of the year)

l Detail metrics

For Deposit, the charts will include:

l Deposit from customer & loan to deposit ratio

l Casa & Casa ratio

l Deposit market share

l Casa market share

l Change in deposit market share YTD

l Detail metrics

Securities Sector

For the Securities Companies group, there will be 3 sections: Margin Lending, Proprietary, and Treasury.

Screen for securities sector

For the Margin Lending section, the main charts will include:

l Margin lending market share

l Margin lending value & YoY growth

l Change in margin lending market share YTD

l Detail metrics

For the Proprietary section, the main charts will include:

l Proprietary Market share

l Proprietary portfolio value & YOY growth

l Change in proprietary market share YTD

l Detail metrics

Other sectors

Corporate market share

For regular corporations, market share analysis will break down Revenue by each segment.

In addition, there will be charts comparing revenue structure with competitors in the sector.

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