Advanced Search

Advanced Search, one of the enhanced features of FiinPro-X, is an advanced search function that allows users to search for information with keywords related to Corporation, Sector, Index, News, and FiinPro-X features. This feature is a combination of Lite Search and Full Search, specifically:

Lite Search: users can quickly type in a ticker and hit Enter without waiting for search results to appear. The system will immediately move to the screen of the first search result.

1. Lite Search

With Lite Search, FiinPro-X allows users to quickly search and access the results. When clicking on a search result, the system will lead to the feature containing information of that result.

When clicking on More companies..., More sectors..., More functions..., Search news for... and More results for..., the system will take users to the Full Search screen (Figure 2) to view the full search results.

2. Full Search

With Full Search, FiinPro-X allows users to view the full search results (Corporation, Sector, Indices, Derivatives, News) and access the search address

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