CW Details

Trading data of warrants

Providing tools to calculate break-even point and warrant price over time, calculate the profit/loss of the warrant corresponding to the price of the underlying security at the expiration date.

Break-even point, fair value of Covered Warrant is calculated in real time, helping investors make timely and accurate decisions in real time.


Display general information about the warrant, such as the execution time, conversion ratio, issuer... The warrant price displays a value less than 0, indicating the depth of the warrant price compared to the trading value on the market. At the expiring time, the minimum value of the warrant is 0.

Break-even Point Chart

Including a chart of value of the underlying stock and the break-even price at that time. The break-even price is calculated in real time and updated continuously for investors to follow. Note that the warrant exercise price is based on the average trading price of the last 05 sessions before the warrant expires.

Break-even Point = Exercise Price (adjusted if any) + CW Price * Conversion Ratio (adjusted if any)

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