Financial Chart includes many outstanding features as follows:

1. Dashboard

Dashboard displays many different financial charts, helping users to quickly cover the content of the charts included; users can change the layout for the dashboard. Multiple Charts within a Dashboard allows users to save and easily access the created charts.

Users should arrange charts by topic and group them according to each Dashboard. Dashboard Group can be used to group Dashboards with the same topic. Users can take the arrangement in the Dashboard Template as examples.

2. Linked Securities:

Linked Dashboards will have a chain icon in each Chart.

For Charts with only one corporation, users can link the Charts through a single corporate code; after being updated, all linked charts will automatically update the content according to the corporate code above.

Charts that display a chain icon can all be linked. These are charts of only one corporation.

3. Quick search box with many types of indicators

Using the search box, users can quickly search for all types of indicators on various topics such as Stock, Company, Economy, Sector, Market, Fund management, Bond.

The search box will save users from having to search for indices in many different categories, users just type the right subject to find it and draw a chart.

4. Custom Formula

Financial Chart contains a tool that allow users to create their own formulas. Currently, this is supporting basic calculations such as + - * / (), it will be updated to add other calculations such as SQRT, exponential....

Custom formula allows SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT financial indicators, transactions of one or multiple corporations.

5. Brand Identity Color Set

Financial Chart supports changing the color of charts according to the user's request. Users can set the Brand Identity color code as the default configuration to save it for later use. Besides, from Left to Right, the system will prioritize in order to use the preferred color for each type of chart.

6. Quick calculation on Chart

The system supports quick calculation right on the selected chart, with formulas like Growth, Mean, + - STD, Median, Highest and Lowest points of the chart.

For growth analysis, users can now choose the period they want to compare. For quarterly data, users can select "4" quarters ago as the basis for comparison with the same period of the previous year. Similarly, for monthly data, users can select "12" months ago.

With the growth feature, users are not limited to any specific indicators. Previously, the growth analysis was limited to the set of financial indicators, but now it can be expanded without any constraints.

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